Eppington had elaborate gardens and Thomas Jefferson referred to Frances Eppes as “the first horticulturist in America.”

Organic Viticulture Research

Pictures were provided by Dr. Laban K Rutto and the establishment and cultural work is credited to Michael P. Brandt

Eppington’s Vineyard

Spring Run VineyardsSpring Run Vineyards is a small family owned & operated farm winery in Chesterfield. We partnered with Chesterfield County and the Eppington Foundation to manage and maintain the vineyard at Eppington in 2015. In 2016 we added a row of blackberry plants which should start producing in 2017.

We pride ourselves on hand-crafting quality wines by concentrating on hybrid varieties that excel in Virginia’s extreme climate and withstand minimal spraying requirements. We have been growing wine grapes since 2005. Our goal is to create quality wines and provide a memorable and unique tasting experience that can only be appreciated right here in central Virginia.

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Spring Run Vineyards Spring Run Vineyards